Soon to be:

Love At First Sight

Love at First Sight is a short film created by Me. I wrote, produced, directed and edited the film for my 3rd year dissertation piece. This is my first independent film which I have created by myself. Please tell me what you think! 

Ends Meat

Ends Meat is a project in which I have been involved with. Unfortunately it is not yet finished yet as we have had many problems with the audio of the project which isn't the easiest to sort out.  For this project I have been specialising in the post-production stage. This is including the Video Editing and Visual Effects. During production I was in charge of 'The Clapper' this was simply just logging the shots writing down which shots are good and which were bad. This sounds like a minor role (which it kinda is) but this a massive help towards post production stage. Hopefully soon we can get this project back on the go and get it finished. I have high hopes for this project to be one that I would be proud to have my name upon.

Here is a short teaser trailer which I threw together from the rushes. 

Mind Of Colour

During my second year of University I had an assignment to create an experimental art film. Although this is not some of my best work it still is something I have done and I think I should share. 

Bobby Tank - Vector Beach Music Video

Another assignment I was set was to create a music video for an artist. We decided to create a experimental art music video which explored colour and shapes. 
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